VapRwear Brings Vape Function to Fashion

As the nation’s focus turns towards the ‘Green Rush,’ a slew of exciting products are emerging as the leaders in a growing industry. From entire lines of accessories, vape pens, devices, oils, dabs, waxes, flowers, and more – yet few are grabbing attention like VapRwear – The world’s first all-in-one clothing line with a patented vape system built within the apparel itself!

Cascading from the Colorado mountain town of Aspen, VapRwear launched this new discreet, high-fashion, smokable apparel at the Winter X-games surrounded by superstars including Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. It’s since has been catching the attention of the nation’s growing marijuana industry.

With a complete vapor system built in with the first release of these stylish hoodies, VapRwear is offering an all-in-one vapor system that fits the image and lifestyle of Colorado and like-minded communities. Celebrating responsible use of legal marijuana, nicotine, and vapor-based accessories is what was in mind when they were designed. Built within the lining of the hoodie, the patented D-LO3 (Dee Lo 3) system is the brainchild of the VapRwear line. The hood has private pockets for the slim built-in D-LO3 vapor device, this one-of-a-kind clothing line is gaining national attention.

“It’s the first smokable system that’s integrated into your clothing line,” shares VapRwear. “You can vape comfortably with high-quality fabric, knowing that you are respectable and responsible, and you look great wearing it, too!”

A trademark of the VapRwear clothing is the Signature Red interior lining and DLO-3 vape system offering consumers new choices in high quality fashion while vaping on the best the industry has to provide. What designers will do with the D-LO3 system is endless… and exciting!

The fashion line is designed to be compatible with a variety of oils, flowers, and waxes, including flavored blends. The suggested retail price of the entire system including VapRwear hood and D-LO3 system, vape pen, charger and container is set for $149.95. BUT, during the initial launch, prices have been dropped to $99.

– High Times Magazine

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