Vapir No2 Complete Guide: How to Use, Fix, and Best Temperature

vapir no2 herb vaporizer

How to use Vapir No2

The beginners, as well as the vaping experts, will find that Vapir no2 portable vaporizer is very simple and easy to use. When we come to know how to use Vapir no2 we realize that the device has a very simple and user-friendly setup. Due to the smaller size of the chamber, this vaporizer is ideal for single users. Vapir no2 portable vaporizer consists of a rechargeable battery, power supply, one plastic mouthpiece, one glass mouthpiece, tube attachment, wire cleaning brush, additional mesh screens, bamboo cleaning sticks and scooping cup. The simple design and easy operation are the most attractive aspects of Vapir no2 vaporizer. As the first step, the battery must be fully charged by plugging in. When the battery charging is in progress the herbal blend can be prepared and ¾ of the herb chamber is filled with the ground herb. The chamber should not be overfilled since it may affect smooth airflow.

Now, let us learn how to use Vapir no2

Once the charging is over, switch-on the device. Below the display screen, the temperature control buttons are provided. Set the desired temperature using these buttons.

The red LED indicates that the heating process has commenced. Since Vapir no2 ensures very fast heating, the heating process will be over within a few seconds. Once the heating process is over, the green LED will glow. Once the green LED glows, the device is ready for use. The mouthpiece is then connected to the top part of the device, pull from the whip and enjoy vaping. Use the plastic mouthpiece for discreet vaping and for cool vapor, use the glass mouthpiece. The glass mouthpiece has a lengthy glass stem and the vapor cools down when it passes through the stem. After the use, even if the device is not switched off, the auto switch off feature will ensure automatic switch off when the device is left unused for more than 20 minutes.

The beginners may wonder how to use Vapir no2 portable vaporizer. But, Vapir no2 is a great vaporizer for the beginners. The heating chamber is to be loaded with the herbal blend of their choice and just with a push of the power button the device can be switched on. In a few seconds, the unit will attain the selected temperature within seconds. On seeing the green light, the mouthpiece is to be fitted on the top and then the user can take a draw.

Once fully charged, the battery will last for two hours. The battery can be easily taken out just like a normal rechargeable battery.

A great advantage of Vapir no2 is that while it is charging, it can be used. Hence, the user need not wait till the battery is fully charged.

Vapir no2 is a portable as well as a handheld herbal vaporizer. It appears decent and properly fits into your hand.

Users need not worry how to use Vapir no2 because it is very easy to use and this device ensures a very pleasant vaping experience. It heats up very fast and above all this device needs very little maintenance or even no maintenance. The herb chamber can be cleaned after removing the mesh screens. Cleaning is done by rubbing the chamber with Q-Tip after dipping in alcohol. Mesh screens must be changed at intervals. If the vapir ever breaks or stops charging, make use of our how-to-fix post by clicking here.

Vapir No2 best temperature guide

Vapir No2 is an avant-garde invention of the 21st century; it is known to be having much fewer flaws than the ones used since 1997 since it was invented in California.

It is not only rechargeable but also is a portable being of the convenient size and light weight. This vape has a very sleek and smart stylish design and has a dynamic functional ability. Owing to the pre-installed rechargeable batteries, charging up the vaporizer has indeed become very time and patience saving.

Interesting Facts About Vapir No2 Vaporizer

This is because of the following notice worthy aspects of this popular vaporizer, such as:

  • Vapir No2 vaporizer heats up very fast unlike other ones which are available in the market
  • The entire experience of vaping too has become a sensuous affair.
  • The minimum temperature that a Vapir No2 can produce is 150 degrees Fahrenheit while the maximum is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. However, in cases of Vapir Rise 2, the temperature may rise to a maximum of 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to check for doneness?

You may be wondering about how to know that your herbs are done or not. In this case, you need not worry at all. Once you are aware that the raw flavor of the herbs in your vaporizer has gone, you may be sure that the herbs you put are done. Again, to reconfirm about the “doneness” of your herbs you may twist open the top of the Vapir No2. What you want do next is check if the herbs are roasted to the perfect and desired shade of brown. Use a chopstick or a bamboo skewer to stir and toss your roasted herbs.

Vapir Temperature Use and Practices

To attain the vapir no2 best temperature this is what you need. Your vape would just require a plug and an adapter to plug in times of your vaporizer needs. Vapir No2 has been ideally modulated and devised to work in any voltage converting situations which are not possible for other products like Vapir Rise or Vapir One.

Since the Vapir No2 allows you to enjoy a full session of 12 hours of power supply. Best thing to do is utilize to roast your herb conveniently, as per your needs, with the benefit of utilizing the best temperature compatible for you as provided by Vapir No2.

Vapir No2 best temperature is attained only within a span of just 5 minutes while you feel like roasting your herbs. Again, if it is necessary you may be able to extend it up to 2 more minutes to attain the ideal roasting state.

Vaporizers are raging the market with a tantalizing craze. Vapir No2 has taken up the tidal course with a cutting-edge challenge. It has been devised in such a way to make your living easy and convenient without having to compromise upon the quality of lively luxury you would want to indulge in. Grab your own Vapir No2 as soon as possible and enjoy the puff it offers you.

How to fix the Vapir no2 not working or charging

Vapir no2, one of the most convenient vaporizer to be used on the go, may disappoint you at times; you may tend to feel extremely irritable when it denies working smoothly or even get charged up.

  • What would you do in such cases?
  • Will it be difficult to repair it?
  • Will you have to throw it away?

A lot of questions and doubts emerge across your thoughtful horizon and you eventually feel dejected and worried. However, let us tell you that there is no benefit in giving up your vaporizer so easily when you face minor glitches like this.

In inconvenient cases, when your Vapir no2 not working or refuses to charge up. There could be several reasons to be considered; it might be an issue with the battery of Vapir no2. If your vaporizer has been giving you a technical trouble after several years of using it, then the battery must have worn out which you have to replace or repair. If it is a new product and is still not working properly then you can avail your warranty and get the product replaced.

Three Step To Carry Out

Try carrying out the following steps. Use these when Vapir No2 refuses to serve you by not charging up or working properly.

  • If there has been a problem of proper contact then taking out and replacing the battery again in its space would do the needful.
  • Since contacting the sellers would not be beneficial as their primary job is to sell and not repair. It should be ruled out completely from your mind that they would be able to help you to make arrangements for its repair.
  • Contact the local electrician if the above two remedies fail.


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