Vaping Protocol: How to Avoid Being a Jerk

One of the main reasons for the huge opposition that non-vapers express towards vaping is the fact that certain vapers are really annoying. This does not mean that vapers are more obnoxious than other groups of general public but it implies that vaping causes annoyance in some of the ways that can harm others. Most vapers, because of the few pricks, follow the rule of avoiding vaping where smoking is not allowed. This is not fair! Vaping is different from smoking and behaving so misguides the people in associating the two. To avoid this, here we mention and discuss some vaping protocols which, if followed, take care that all the vapers are not criticized for some misbehaving vapers and that you can well enjoy your rights as a vaper.

DON’T create clouds of vapor in your vehicle. This is more important for your own safety than the protocol. Similarly, confirm before vaping in somebody else’s car. Also, see that you do not vape when somebody is driving.

DON’T vape in food parlors and restaurants. It is a rule intended to save you from being rude by appeasing somebody unknowingly. Certainly, nobody, vaper or non-vaper, would want to deal with some other flavor than that of the food he has ordered. So you can do the favor to everybody by keeping away your vape during mealtime.

DO confirm before you start vaping in a bar where vaping is not allowed.

DON’T exhale clouds of vapor where you have many non-vapors around. This can be a public place like a metro and you will surely prove silly by doing so.

DO prefer low voltages when in public. You can vape to your heart’s content at your home. However, at public places, you should try using your vaporizer at high voltages because you can catch attention with so much of vapor. You can even use a ‘public vape’ that is free of the risk of creating clouds of vapor.

DO stay prepared with answers to some common complaints and queries about e-cigs. Being a vaper, people expect expertise from you about the topic. You should acquaint yourself with in-depth knowledge about vaping and you will see that you can defend yourself well. Looking at the other side, you will prove to be helpful to those who are looking to switch from smoking to vaping.

DON’T use vaporizer in a movie theater. You may be aware of the effect of fog machines reacting with projected lights. Remember to stay away from vaping when you watch movies. It is indirectly a fog machine and the worst thing you could bring to a theater.

DON’T vape close to children indoors or outdoors. This rule is quite important as most parents would want their kids to stay safe.

DO vape and enjoy it wherever permitted. Follow the vaping etiquette and save yourself from being forced to hide your vaporizer.

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