Pulsar APX V2 Vaporizer

The Pulsar APX V2 is one of best portable dry herb vaporizers available out there. It has quality components and produces quality vapor yet it is simple, and extremely affordable. The V2 is an upgrade to the previous version of the Pulsar APX, and brings you some really cool features. Check out our review below to find out what makes the Pulsar APX V2 an awesome vaporizer:


  • A re-designed mouthpiece boasts better heat resistance than the previous version.
  • Backlit temperatures make it easier to read the unit.
  • Haptic feedback lets you know when the device reaches the right temperature.
  • Removal of screens means no maintenance frustration.
  • The solid, refined finish feels much better.


  • Wax concentrates tank is absent.
  • Chamber capacity is designed for more personal use; might not be effective for vaping in groups.
  • Might just not be a significant enough upgrade for current APX users.


The APX V2 is a lot like its previous version, but that’s definitely a good thing. The original APX was quite attractive. The updated version, however, somehow manages to keep everything good about the first version while also managing to skim off some extra size from the overall package. The size difference appears to be nearly indecipherable from the OG Pulsar APX, but the new finish certainly gives it a much more sturdy and appealing feel.

At the top, the unit features a mouthpiece that has a silicone vapor path. This is another update on the new APX V2. The previous model came with a compact screen made of stainless steel that fit over the mouthpiece. Even though this is a commonly used filtering method in most portable dry herb vaporizers, it doesn’t come without its own issues.

For one, you need to remove the small screen if you want to clean it, and removing it is an absolute pain because of how small and fiddly they are. Secondly, since they’re so small, it’s very, very easy to lose or misplace them. And if you’ve lost or misplaced them, you need to replace the whole mouthpiece assembly, which is again a major pain. Thirdly, if you somehow manage to take it out and clean it without losing it (Good on you, mate!) issues will start occurring when you try to put it back. If you don’t get the mouthpiece placement right, the hits and the airflow will be all messed up.

The re-designed mouthpiece on the APX V2 helps a great deal with airflow because of its shape, and also decreases maintenance. Owners of the original APX would no doubt be aware of the heating issues the mouthpiece caused on that device. At times it would get so heated up resulting in extremely uncomfortable experience for prolonged usage. This issue seems to have been solved with the upgrade.


The APX V2 follows along the lines of its predecessor in terms of performance, which means it is quite impressive especially when you consider the price tag. The combination of conduction and convection heating works like a charm with the help of a ceramic heating element with around .3-gram capacity. The V2 pumps out good quality vapor owing to an excellent and natural Airflow. The temperature range is also quite perfect for dry herb, with preset selections ranging from 356-428 degrees Fahrenheit.

A major difference between the V2 and its predecessor is the omission of the APX W tank for use with concentrates on the APX V2. What’s important however, is the fact that this tank can be bought separately, but it is no longer included in the box. This would surely be a disappointment to some, but the purpose behind this does appear to be an effort to focus the APX V2 for usage with solely dry herb. The temperature ranges on the APX V2 are also perfectly suited for usage with dry herb, but the same can’t be said for the usage of wax as it requires a different temperature setting.

The APX V2 houses a 1600mAh battery, which is very powerful for a vape of this size. The V2 should give you at least an hour and a half of continuous vaping depending on the temperature settings used. The battery also takes around as much time to charge as it does to drain, so don’t expect to be waiting long in between sessions.


If you’re familiar with original APX then you’d know that the operation is a very intuitive affair. A selection of pre-set temperatures is prominently displayed on the screen and are very easy to comprehend. A single button controls all functions, and this button has been redesigned in the V2 as well.

To set things up, simply remove the mouthpiece, fill the chamber, and set your desired temperature. That’s it. That’s the real beauty of it, making things extremely easy for you. You can set it up and put it in your pocket and whenever you feel like it, just take it and have a hit. Haptic feedback also helps improve the experience by vibrating to let you know the unit has reached the desired heat setting. Haptic feedback is becoming a popular ingredient in portable vaporizers, but no other vape in this price range currently offers it.

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance are very important if you want your vape to live a long healthy life. Fortunately for you, vape maintenance is very easy with APX. Pulsar includes a pick and a cleaning brush in the package for you to take care of your device. After every fully vaped chamber, the mouthpiece should be removed and the vaped contents emptied. Then, wipe the chamber with the included brush. If the residue appears to be gumming up your mouthpiece, simply remove the silicone insert and soak it in alcohol, followed by scrubs with a Q-tip. And that’s it.


The Pulsar APX V2 is one of our favorite portable dry herb vaporizers. While there are definitely better vapes out there, but the quality the V2 offers in its price is unmatched. Just $70 for the combination of performance, finish, and style is certainly something I can happily live with.

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