PAX 3 Vaporizer vs Crafty Vaporizer: Review Guide

pax 3 herb vaporizer vs craft vaporizer

PAX 3 Vaporizer vs Crafty Vaporizer

The pax 3 vaporizer vs Crafty Vaporizer debate is a long historical one. They both are portable vaporizer units that are both renowned widely in the world. PAX 3 is the newest vaporizer in the block, being a favorite for its size and functionality. There is also the reigning vaporizer, Crafty from the German vape manufacturer Storz and Bickel.

Crafy boasts impressive vaporizing through convection heating. Each one of these vaporizers have their strengths and weaknesses, similarities and differences. You are probably wondering which one would be the supreme vaporizer, right? Just read on and maybe you will find out.


Black PAX 3 vaporizer
Black PAX 3 vaporizer

This is the newest addition and the third iteration from the popular PAX line of vaporizers. The PAX 3 is a portable concentrate vaporizer that reflects improved qualities of those that make PAX a household name in the first place. The qualities that make PAX 3 a popular name include ease of us, elegant look and feel as well as PAX’s ever warranty and reliability. PAX 3, as an upgraded version of PAX 2, comes with new Concentrate insert as well as the upgraded battery that has improved capacity of 3500 mAh. In addition, it also has the faster heat up times that now takes 15 seconds plus vibration alert or haptic feedback. This vaporizer also includes a new PAX Vapor app allowing you to have complete control over the spectrum of its temperature.



Crafty Vaporizer is to date the smallest portable unit of the German company Storz and Bickel. The Crafty is a portable hybrid convection vaporizer, a small but solid strong vaporizer with precision level as that of its parent vapes, Volcano and Plenty. Crafty is an all-star vape that features high attention to detail that makes it one of the strongest portable vapes out in the market.

The Crafty is one of today’s vaporizers that hold the position for extremely high vapor quality, design, portability, discretion and ease of use. Even the beginner vaporist is able use Crafty without any problem or practice. Most of the amazing features of Crafty vaporizer rely on you having full control of the vaporizer via its app.

The Similarities

Crafty and PAX 3 are two of the highest rated vaporizers out in the market today. They both are world-renowned high performing vaporizers each with different qualities that make them the best. The two fill in two different niches but they sure have similarities that this article will strive to explore.

Simple Design

As a whole, both Crafty and PAX 3 is a device that is simple and enjoyable. Both of the vaporizers feature simple designs. They do not have any tactile buttons necessary for adjusting temperature, which is how most vaporizers are. However, even though both have simple designs that allow ease of use, both designs have differences that make the two unique.

Ease of Use

Both Crafty and PAX 3 features 1 button operation as well as a Bluetooth app for customization of temperatures and easy control of the vaporizers’ features. While the two are both designed with extreme ease of use, they each have specific differences over the other that gives them edge based on the preferences of each vape user.

The Differences

Crafty and PAX 3 have many differences than similarities over one another. These differences are what makes up for the advantage of these two distinct vaporizers that gives them the status of two of the highest ranking vaporizers in the market.

Vapor Quality

PAX 3 has impressive vapor quality with smooth, flavorful draws at higher temperatures. However, its conduction units have pitfalls in that over the course of the session, its flavor diminishes while its vapor becomes harsher at higher temperatures. On the other hand, Crafty’s convection heating offers more flavorful vapors that last throughout the session even at higher temperatures. Not to mention it does not require special drawing method to get the best results unlike PAX 3.


The design of PAX 3 and Crafty is both simple but the quality of the manufacturing is distinctly different. PAX 3 has the sleek design of PAX 2, small and fits in your hands comfortably. It also has very glossy finish although a bit fingerprint magnet. On the other hand, Crafty is not the sleekest or the sexiest vaporizer with its exterior made entirely of plastic and looks more like a power tool instead of a portable vaporizer.


Another huge difference between PAX 3 and Crafty is the warranty. PAX 3 is advantageous for being backed by a 10-year warranty. The Crafty, on the other hand, offers only 2 years of warranty coverage, which seem quite a short warranty for such expensive vape unit.

Battery Life

In terms of battery, Crafty stands to lose a point. As its internal battery can last only about 40 to 60 hours until it is needed to be replaced. Vape users would tell you that within the first year of using it, you could already rack up to 40 hours of time. If the battery falls after that period of time, it might not get replaced with a 2-year warranty.

The battery unit of Crafty is a bit weak. This is because convection heating is more demanding, so it usually maxes out its battery at about 45 minutes or in 2 to 3 sessions. As for PAX 3, PAX Labs are able to improve its battery life. It went from 1 hour to 1 hour and a half that gives vape users about an hour or two extra sessions.


When it comes to portability, this vape is easily won being one of the smallest vaporizers that can easily fit in any pocket, bag or purse. With its magnetic cap and small profile, it can be easily packed discreetly. The only disadvantage is perhaps that it needs a separate charging dock. For Crafty, though it is portable it isn’t as portable as PAX 3. The design that is a bit bulky though the charging is a bit easier with micro USB charging.


PAX vs crafty vaporizer
PAX vs crafty vaporizer

The fight between PAX 3 vaporizer vs Crafty Vaporizer is close, but there has to be victor. In that case, Crafty is perhaps still the best vape unit you can find. As it sure is packed with the best features that every vape user is looking for. Besides lacking in sleek design and a bit on battery life, the flavorful vapor wins the odds.


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