Future of The Vaporizer and Marijuana Industry

What started as an alternative to smoking and satisfying physiological cravings has transformed into a huge industry today. When vaporizers are considered, you can find a wide variety in the market ranging from huge volcano style machines to pen style portable devices. The history of vaporizer takes you back to 1960s when it was thought of as a way to substitute tobacco intake. Through the years, the industry was gifted many new inventions and advances and it gained a great popularity by 2014. Today, everyone is aware of the concept of vaping and use and the benefit of vaporizers.

Let us discuss the scope of the industry in 2015 and its future!

Considering the trend in 2014, the e-cig market was one of the hottest industries. A lot of companies that started with nothing have grown to big brands with the boost in the vaporizer industry. Statistics say that the e-cig market today has an annual sale of more than $1.7 billion worldwide. Business people believe that e-cigarettes and tools can bring a profit of 200–400% when compared to 10-20% of (removed ‘the’) traditional cigarettes. One of the major reasons that account for the huge markup is the taxes and regulations which are faced by the tobacco industry. The vaporizer industry is free of them!

Now consider the general consumer’s preference. If one is addicted to smoking, he will easily spend $9 per day, amounting to $3,300 annually. This is a really big figure! Moreover, he is not free to smoke wherever he likes. Vaping stands as a far better alternative for anybody involved in smoking for recreational purpose!

All these benefits contribute to predicting that the vaporizer industry will outrun the entire tobacco industry in the coming decade!

Outlook of the Marijuana industry

The popularity of vaporizers is credited by the fact that it is not only used for tobaccos. Vaporizers have an important place in the marijuana industry. There are many cases of victory that can bring a revolution in the legalization and use of the element. Today, many countries have come up with some sort of laws for the consumption of cannabis for medical purpose.

In addition to this, newer forms of marijuana in the market contribute to increasing the popularity of vaporizers. A variety of waxy and viscous forms of marijuana with varying levels of CBD and THC serve different purposes. Studies were carried out to compare vaping with smoking and it was found that usage of vaporizers provides similar effect of the therapeutic substances but with lesser toxins. Vaporization of cannabis is proved to show an equivalent efficiency as with smoking without any carbon monoxide presence.

Advances in the Vaporizer industry

The major reason for switching to the use of vaporizers from smoking is the absence of combustion. As there is no combustion, there is no smoke and its associated dangers. You will find a huge variety of vaporizers in the market, with different shapes and sizes and you can choose the one as per your own application.

In recent years, a lot of improvement has been noted in the techniques of portable vaporizers. Consider the pen vaporizer, for example. There was a complaint of combusting the elements due to the compact design that reduces the distance between the heating element and the chamber. One of the latest technologies for solving this problem is offered by Atmos. It protects the herbs well to avoid combustion.

Moreover, the vaping industry is seen to transition from traditional steel coils to modern aluminum and ceramic materials. The question is what to expect in the future from these products. It is possible that the industry advances to use laser heating and deliver the vape in less than two seconds! Well, that is a thing to for us to wait and watch!

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