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KFC Gets License To Sell Marijuana In Colorado Restaurants

In the state of Colorado, marijuana dispensaries are big business – earning some retailers nearly $1 million per year. Those numbers were so appealing to the KFC Corporation, they decided to incorporate a marijuana dispensary with their Colorado franchise restaurants. Franchisees have the opportunity to expand into the business for an additional $35,000 setup fee. […]

Oscar Nominees Received Vape Pens in Gift Bags

This year’s Oscar losers may not have taken home golden statues on Sunday night, but by no means did they go home empty-handed. According to Vanity Fair, consolation prizes this year were the most extravagant ever, valued at $168,000, and included: free Silvercar Audi rentals for a year, a $12,500 luxury camping (glamping) vacation, a […]

VapRwear Brings Vape Function to Fashion

As the nation’s focus turns towards the ‘Green Rush,’ a slew of exciting products are emerging as the leaders in a growing industry. From entire lines of accessories, vape pens, devices, oils, dabs, waxes, flowers, and more – yet few are grabbing attention like VapRwear – The world’s first all-in-one clothing line with a patented vape system […]

Why Weed Gives You the Munchies

Marijuana is a gateway drug. Those gates open to reveal things like chocolate-dipped pretzels, salted-caramel ice cream, and tacos made out of tortilla chips. But while the junk food industry has been content to stay on station just outside the gates, with a wink here and there in advertising, the research community is obsessed with […]